9th Sign Yoga founders

A deep connection was forged the day Ashley and Cat met. Born in december, 24 hours and thousands of miles apart, the twists and turns of life brought them together. Their friendship has stood the test of time, heartache, successes, laughter, and not a few bottles of wine.

Their shared passion for yoga has once again brought them together to bring you 9th sign yoga.


Ashley Masters


Ashley began her yoga journey as a teenager, it saved her then and has been her constant companion through love, loss, growing children, birthing them, raising them, navigating emotions, cultivating compassion, and manifesting hope!

Ashley enrolled in teacher training and embarked on her teaching career just 7 days after the birth of her second daughter, proving her insanity and dedication equally. It cracked her wide open, showed her fear, transformation and depth!

Using her dance, energy healing and massage backgrounds, Ashley’s classes are challenging, creative, light hearted and penetrate all layers.

As her practice evolved, it has ignited her desire to begin offering teacher trainings to spread the love of yoga further into the world.

photo by Becky Jones

Cat babbie


When Cat rediscovered yoga, her goal was not enlightenment. She was just trying to avoid discomfort from an old injury. As she returned to the mat and began to practice regularly,  she found more than physical healing in the studio. She found strength, focus, and a calm previously found only in creating art.. 

As her dedication to yoga grew, the desire to share grew exponentially. Cat’s own teacher training encouraged and grew her confidence, deepened her breath and opened her heart wider than she ever thought possible.

Lately, her personal practice has reignited the calling to teach yoga. Proving once again that life is full of cycles of growth and rest. Always trying to balance the present with excitement of the future, she can’t wait for the next adventure to start. 


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